"20 Seconds to Fame" Studio Experience


How it Works:

This one-day event will take place on Friday , Oct. 27th at 9am PST / 12pm EDT

What you Get:

  • Get clear on your high impact message.  
  • Create compelling 20-second soundbites/talking points that allow you to do any media interview confidently and in a highly-polished manner
  • Crystallizing how to communicate your message in a way that makes sense, establishes trust and authority, and makes you the only logical choice in your industry. 
  • Cut through the noise in your marketplace, stand out and resonate only with those who truly need to receive your message.  
  • Effectively communicate with your tribe and the media in a way that establishes influence.
  • Confidently communicate your message, deliver your impact driven message, where you can influence more people
  • And truly stand out in your marketplace!

Plus Bonuses!!!

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